My signature Customer Service training seminar

Do your non-gaming employees understand the psychology of a gambler?

Casino Customer Service

The 5 E’s

Of Customer Service

 • Everyday

• Everybody

• Everyway

• Everyone

• Everyplace

These are the five values I use to instill customer service techniques to employees. They each encompass a variety of skills, tricks, philosophies and beliefs that employees can use during their work shift when dealing with external and internal customers.
I awaken employees how to separate their SKILLS form their JOB. It is essential to separate the two in order to be successful in their customer service careers.
I engrain in their work DNA that Customer Service is Psychology balanced with Policy.

Casinos use me to teach non-gaming employees the vital importance of understanding and dealing with the Gambler’s psychology.

I clearly define for them the meaning of their Mission Statements, how to protect the Customer Experience and approach every situation with Empathy and I give them an arsenal of power packed tools to successfully deliver extraordinary customer service to each and every guest;

• Being Knowledgable

• Anticipate Questions & Problems

• Add Empathy to Every Situation

• Communicate Your Role in the Most Believable Manner

• Having Customer Perspective

• Employee Empowerment

• Adding value and integrity to every interaction

• Be Interested not Interesting

• Avoid One Word Responses

• Anticipate Customers’ needs

• Service Recovery

And more

The most important aspect I teach is that Employees MUST understand that they are each other’s Customers, first & foremost. If It Doesn’t Happen Internally It Won’t Happen Externally.

Customer Service Training refers to teaching employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction.