Career Matchmaker

Career Matchmaker

Nick Ippolito’s key element to being a successful Career Matchmaker is attributed to the vast relationships he has solidified over his 30 plus years in the gaming and casino player development industry along with his 10,000 connections on LinkedIn. These working relationships have developed into long-term affiliations. Our goal is to provide our client with a true connection. We understand exactly what the job description entitles and we know the candidates that can and will successfully achieve the goals and expectations put fourth by the company. Management is our only client. We do not accept fees from candidate applicants.

FEES are based upon the following percentages of the estimated total compensation for the position for the first year: Fees for salaries over $50,000 are based on a maximum of 15%. 10% upon the initial start date and the remaining 5% after the employee has achieved his/hers 90 days.

For positions with or without a salary that pay commissions, profit sharing, bonuses, live-in maintenance and other incentives, Nick Ippolito DBA Player Development Systems, LLC reserves the right to negotiate with the client for a reasonable estimate of such compensation, which is based upon an average income for the first year.

Nick Ippolito DBA Player Development Systems, LLC guarantees placements for a period of three months. If the individual leaves your employ during this period, he will conduct a search for a replacement at no additional cost and extend the property a 20% credit toward any future seminars and trainings.  At no time will the original fee be reimbursed.

All fees are payable upon receipt of invoice. Compensation and commissions for positions at properties and companies located outside the US will billed and paid with on the current value of the US Dollar to Player Development Systems, LLC.

Once we have presented a candidate for employment, and if such employment takes place within six months of the first interview, Player Development Systems, LLC. will be entitled to a fee based upon the previously stated percentages,

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