“Inspiring. Lots of info and examples of situations that casino hosts face and how to approach and deal with them. He (Nick Ippolito) made it look so easy and encouraged us to have fun and enjoy interactions with our players. So much great advice on dealing with various situations”- Susan Warner Casino Host Casino Rama, Cnd.

Implementing a strong foundation for casino player development

“Nick is awesome! Even with my established experience in the casino gaming Industry, nationwide, I learned so much, casino player development and phone sales techniques.  Nick Ippolito’s (His) enthusiasm and knowledge added so much value to the training. I look forward for another session for the team with Mr. Ippolito.” – Sam Arabo (Executive Casino Host)

Seminar includes a 3 +hour live presentation, which is a ONE OF A KIND unique training, containing valuable information on casino host sales techniques and casino player development. I encourage ALL to attend teh live presentation: Casino Tables games staff, Casino Reward and Club center, Casino Slot department, PBX, Call Centers, and all upper management. And also included is my signature one on one coaching with the casino hosts and telephone reps.


  • Making the call, finding the number, leaving the message, getting a return call and speaking to any guest
  • Communicate efficiently with spouses, family members, and administrative assistants
  • Driving incremental business
  • Effective Voicemails, Emails and Texting
  • Finding New and Inactive casino gaming revenue
  • Expanding on the dynamics of CRM’s and PTS’s
  • Controlling the conversation
  • Qualifying all guests
  • Protecting the ROI
  • How to examine and understand ADT & Theoretical
  • The importance of players casino gaming history
  • Booking events, confirming events
  • Delivering the Casino VIP experience, the follow up and more

 Casino Host Training. Casino Host Sales, Telemarketing and Casino Player Development: What used to work in the casino marketing industry doesn’t produce the same results anymore.  Competition is saturated and expanding all the time.  Direct mail and player relationships are not enough to survive. Inactive play is higher than ever, and yet, your rate of obtaining NEW players is low.  You must capitalize on this market. Hosts book the same handful of local loyal guests. Today’s casino host MUST be a salesman! Telemarketing guests is a proven way to increase host production in all these areas! Yielding immediate results with a high percentage of conversation rates. Using my curriculum is not only formulated and designed specifically for calling casino guests but it’s also completely casino host friendly. Nick Ippolito formulated, designed and executes this uniquely branded curriculum (one on one training and seminars) in telemarketing casino guests. He has 20+ years of extensive experience in player development, casino marketing, casino sales, slot marketing, casino telemarketing, national casino marketing and branch office management. Utilizing a training room or conference room, a seminar is conducted for approximately 2 hours with the aid of a power point presentation. One-on-One’s are conducted at the hosts’ workstation and the seminar content is put into live exercises. We call inactive players, potential players, fill events, and book business.

“I really learned how to cut out all the fat that I use when I am on the phone with casino guests. Nick taught me how to be more confident with casino players and that it’s just a phone call and nothing to be scared of.  In the One on One he coaches you on the things to say and NOT to say that benefit getting a guest back in! He taught me how to be my own person on the phone, but also to put techniques he taught us to use.” – Ashley Dellefave, Casino Host Del Lago Casino

We cover what Casino Player Development means at its true core. We will educate the casino hosts and VIP Reps on how to locate, call, evaluate, communicate and close prospecting casino gamer.  This results in NEW clientele for the property. First and foremost, our structuring system instills casino marketing representatives with confidence, objective, clarity, and organized conversational skills. As soon as these valuable practices are put into use, all fear, hesitation, uncertainty, and apprehension on behalf of the representative are immediately eliminated. All together these subtle, yet essential factors create a dramatic increase in productivity, call volume, higher conversion rates, and completely reinvents the ratio of prospects that are pursued and marketed to. Telemarketing casino guests is a proven way to increase casino host production in all these areas! Yielding immediate results with higher conversion rate than traditional casino direct mail campaigns. Add in all the cost associated with direct mail; postage, artwork, printing, labor, returns, etc. And you can immediately see why Casino Telemarketing is the Answer. I teach the techniques required for capturing the attention of the casino gaming guest, controlling the conversation, proper communication with the guest, being invited back to market them and ultimately closing the sale. We also teach the skills required to communicate efficiently with spouses, family members, administrative assistants, etc. and how to leave voicemails that get responses. The end result is higher call volumes, increased profitability and a strong foundation for Casino Player Development which equates to a higher percentage of production from your casino hosts.

The effectiveness of the training directly after the seminar was easily the most beneficial for me. Nick helping me become more accustom to saying certain things that suggest urgency or not saying certain things that may directly turn the conversation in a direction that it doesn’t need to go. I was very impressed. I will very much take this training with me in the future and I was very pleased at the initiative that our management staff took to help us receive this type of training.” – Penn Gaming Casino Host, Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg


Casino Player Development Systems LLC. provides casino marketing departments with the knowledge and techniques needed to contact and associate with current & potential gamers. I am completely mindful and understanding of the business need to produce the greatest amount of casino revenue with as little reinvestment possible. A trained casino host team will understand the importance and opportunity in qualifying all guests on your casino gaming floor and in your casino gaming database, no matter what level segment they currently fall under. A trained casino host team will understand that true definition of casino player development. Educating and convincing casino guests on the benefits of playing longer and/or increasing their casino betting limits, while simultaneously maintaining a casino guest according to their financial comfort level.  Casino Hosts will learn to aggressively utilize lists as “leads” and seek to “capture” these guests through relationship building and persistent contacting and follow-up techniques. Other daily reports will be generated and distributed that are intended to be leads.

Theoretical = (Average bet x hours played x hands per hour) x (House Edge / 100)


Casino Host Training: Casino Players are looking to be interacted with. Inspired. Encouraged. Challenged and Heard. Meeting, interacting, and managing a casino guest and building relationships is vital to sustaining and growing your market, promoting brand loyalty. Maintaining current player account information to insure database integrity and creating incremental revenue. Knowing a casino gaming guest gaming propensity is crucial in knowing your player. Your players gaming budget, gaming history, loyalty, and a trained casino host team will be made up of individuals who excel in building relationships. They will be acute on human interaction and the opportunity it affords them to better position themselves to increase business. Its not about, “my players love me”

 “Being explained what to say in situations while you have a guest live. I learned so many tips on what to say and what not to say when attempting to drive business. Gaining confidence. It was a great experience. Nick really makes you feel comfortable while teaching everything he can to improve your selling techniques.” – Casino Host, Mystic Lake Casino


Casino Host Boot Camp: I spend a day(s) on the casino floor observing hosts behavior and floor opportunities. I discuss my results with casino management and my plan of action for the following days. Once approved I spend time on the casino floor shadowing the casino hosts through their everyday duties. Topics include: Delivering the VIP experience, table & slot opportunities and protocols, players club interaction, responding to calls, comp decisions, acquisition of new players, cutting into new players, obtaining contact information, interdepartmental skills, qualifying guests, casino sales tactics, maintaining database, and all aspects of Casino Player Development We know a trained casino host team will be skilled at anticipating your casino guest’s wants and needs during high visibility times on the casino floor. A trained casino host team will understand the importance and opportunity in accepting phone calls, walk-ups to the Rewards Center, and casino table games pit and floor calls. Not only in providing service for all guests in the casino but understanding the importance and opportunity to qualify all guests. They are responsible for all player segments: Active, Inactive, Declining, fostering lower level players, and any Outer Market. A trained casino host team is thorough and detailed in preparations made for VIP guests and follow ups. They understand that every guest interaction and request is an opportunity to create retention. Players are looking to be interacted with. Inspired. Encouraged. Challenged. Heard.


Casino host boot camp covers all aspects of player development and casino host training. It instills casino hosts with the core values of player development.