“Nick provides effective techniques for communicating with players that will virtually guarantee better closing ratios for any casino host or call center. The one-on-one training is what separates Nick's seminar from so many others. Nick's follow up with one on one training ensures that chance to ask questions and get clarification” - Michael Newsome, Executive Casino Host
Outstanding Trainer!
"Direct, efficient and very experienced. Nick's approach to casino sales really enhanced my personal style. Thank you for Sharing your secrets with me and the team. Your techniques really work and are eye opening. It is incredible to close and book 70% to 75% of the calls that I did!! Thank you, thank you!” - Agustin Trevino, Executive Casino Host|Harrah’s
Signature One on One Training
"Thank you, Nick Ippolito, for the one on one telemarketing training. I feel much more comfortable reaching out to inactive guests after using your techniques! -Amy Edmond, Player Development Executive at Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino
Casino Customer Service
Nick made it clear that being yourself, rather than the artificial guest service personality is something that the real guest will appreciate, respect and believe. His sales is short & sweet...drive the next trip- I feel Nick's training suites my personality well and I intend on intertwining it with our "Culture of Hospitality" - Chris Fecht, QCC Sr. Host


  • "Thank you Nick for your recent visit to Argosy, KC. The hosts are re-energized and using your techniques!! I am already seeing results."

     - Patricia McCabe
    - Patricia McCabe Casino Marketing Manager at Penn National Gaming
  • “Nick's energy was a shot in the arm for our staff and he really could have been talking about anything! The material was targeted, but the biggest eye opener was to have a longtime casino employee so excited about what it is we do”  

    - Ben White
    - Ben White General Manager | Gilpin Casino CO
  • "...after 90 minutes of your class, I felt 'bullet-proof', was ready to chew on barbed wire, and get on the phone to make some bookings!  I thought it was outstanding material!"

    - Paul Hutchens
    - Paul Hutchens  General Manager, Isle of Capri , Lake Charles LA
  • Nick is NOT a consultant.  He is a trainer and a specialist. Nick proves that what he teaches WORKS. He produces results and drives immediate revenue!!"

    - Richard St. Jean
    - Richard St. Jean COO/Penn National Gaming
  • "Truth be said: Nick's conversion levels worked quite well for us. I was satisfied with the final outcome and results. His practical training sessions and knowledge about the business are other highlights to mention. " 

    - Thiago Andrade
    - Thiago Andrade Marketing Analyst, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Canada


Achieve a dramatic increase in Casino Host productivity, higher call volumes, conversion rate of inactive & new business, And a strong foundation for Casino Player Development



Boot Camp your Casino Host department to that next level!


We provide assistance in implementing, initiating & training your new Casino Host department 



Nick Ippolito formulated, designed and executes this uniquely branded curriculum (one-on-one training and live seminars) in Casino Player Development and Casino Customer Service Excellence





  • Driving incremental business
  • Effective Voicemails, Emails and Texting
  • Finding New and Inactive Casino gaming revenue
  • Expanding on the dynamics of CRM’s and PTS’s
  • Controlling the conversation, Qualifying all guests
  • Protecting the ROI
  • How to examine and understand ADT & Theoretical
  • The importance of casino gaming history
  • Booking events, confirming events
  • Delivering the Casino VIP experience, the follow up and more

CASINO HOST SALES TELEMARKETING AND CASINO PLAYER DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR & TRAINING IS AN EXCLUSIVE 3 plus hour One of a kind unique seminar (Open to all) containing valuable information on casino host sales techniques. From opening the list to closing the sale on the phone. Contacting new, inactive, declining and current casino guests. Utilizing these sales tactics both on the phone and on the casino floor. Topics include: Controlling the conversation, qualifying all guests, productive voicemails, proper emails and texting, protecting the ROI, driving incremental business, how to examine and understand ADT, the importance of gaming history, booking events, confirming events, following up, delivering the VIP experience and more.

  • Nick was original and I relate to him. He was easy to speak with and he made me want to listen & learn. I would definitely accept more training from him as I imagine this last session was just a very small piece of what his skill set has to offer. It was great to finally meet an Original Host. Reassured me that my personality is a fit to my career– Chris Fecht / QCC Sr. Host

SIGNATURE ONE ON ONE COACHING was developed because I truly believe and have assessed from my own experience being a host and sitting in various training’s, that you cannot teach, motivate, nor develop casino hosts by using analytics and diagnostics. That is why after my seminar, I spend approximately 55 minutes with each host (time varies depending on casino hosts learning skills) as they make actual phone calls utilizing all the information from my presentation. The main focus of this is to ensure casino hosts understand the importance of casino telemarketing / casino player development and overcome any inhibitions. I get a first-hand evaluation revealing if the casino hosts have been making calls prior and if they are able to follow through with future tasks. As they make calls in my presence, we experience real time casino telemarketing and are exposed to a numerous array of casino player development situations and inevitably, call backs and bookings. Every call is different and unique and with each, an opportunity to learn materializes.  I coach and support each call. In rare instances, I make actual calls myself. Finally, I supply management a report card on each casino host.

  • Ensure trained casino hosts understand Casino Player Development
  • Ensure trained individuals require telemarketing & sales skills
  • Protection of the ROI
  • Expanding on the dynamics of CRM’s and PTS’s
  • Focus on acquisition, retention, growth & reactivation
  • Execute surveys & evaluate results
  • Report cards on each individual trained
  • Reference Documents Supplied


10 years ago Nick Ippolito formulated and designed this uniquely branded curriculum (one on one training and seminars) in casino telemarketing and casino player development. Over 8 years ago I formulated and designed this uniquely branded curriculum (one on one training and seminars) in telemarketing casino guests and expanding on Casino Player Development. This is not a “Vegas” oriented or themed training. Besides my 25 year experience in Las Vegas Casinos, I have been traveling to casinos all over America, Canada, and Over Seas in the past 8 years. I have learned invaluable information and required a plethora of experiences making calls in so many various markets and demographics including over 50 Native American Casinos, JACK Entertainment, Penn Gaming, Affinity Gaming, Pinnacle, Harrah’s, Golden Nugget, Stations, and down to smallest of proprietors. With almost each training session I do, I modify the presentation from these learned experiences. My Signature Casino Host Telemarketing & Casino Gaming Sales Tactics is specifically designed for casino hosts interacting with the casino guest. From the low ADT potential lead to the High Ranking local Guest.

  • “It was Nick’s INVALUABLE offering of suggestions, strategies and/or techniques for opportunities that we face at our property and on the phone that was key to this training and stands out from any other. I appreciate the Casino Player Development passion and experience he brought. It was refreshing to have Nick Ippolito at our property and re-energize our team. We are already using the techniques learned  and getting results!
    Thanks again Nick!”
    – Brian Trevan, Exe Casino Host Gunlake Casino

I’m in the trenches with the casino hosts. Calling, booking, driving revenue, working the floor, working the pit, working the slots, cutting into to new players, and so much more. I know the casino hosts challenges & their obstacles. I know the importance of driving incremental business, not being “bullied”, and protecting the ROI. All my training is customized for your property and demographics. Over 25 years of TALKING TO THE PLAYERS and casino player development experience; Slot Host, Casino Host, Casino Player Development Manager, Casino Pd Director, VP of PD, I opened several casinos. Not in Casino operations, NOT in casino marketing., NOT in slot or table operations, NOT in sales or marketing…25 plus years of CASINO PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.

My clients and references verify the positive impact my training has had on their team but the casino hosts sing praises over how I have helped increased their numbers and helped them overcome their telemarketing inhibitions.

I stake claim to being the only casino host trainer that:

  • Connects mentally and instinctively with the casino hosts
  • Owns a unique, one of a kind training program
  • Observes hosts making actual calls to players
  • Trains Casino Player Development in real time
  • Continues to modify and grow program
  • Has over 25 years’ experience in Casino Player Development
  • Has references and testimonials from actual casino hosts