Do Your Non Gaming Employees Understand the Psychology of a Gambler

Casino Customer Service

The 5 E’s Of Customer Service

developed by Nick Ippolito

 • Everyday

• Everybody

• Everyway

• Everyone

• Everyplace

These are the five values I use to instill customer service techniques to employees. They each encompass a variety of skills, tricks, philosophies and beliefs that employees can use during their work shift when dealing with external and internal customers.
I awaken employees how to separate their SKILLS from their JOB. It is essential to separate the two in order to be successful in their customer service careers. I ingrain into their work “DNA” that Customer Service is Psychology over Policy. Casinos use me to teach non-gaming employees the vital importance of understanding and dealing with the Gambler’s psychology.  The most important aspect I teach is that Employees MUST understand that they are each other’s Customers, first & foremost. If It Doesn’t Happen Internally It Won’t Happen Externally.Deliverables:

Psychology over Policy

Protect the Customer Experience

Analyzing the Mission Statements

Approach every situation with Empathy

I give them an arsenal of power packed tools to successfully deliver extraordinary customer service to each and every guest;

Being Knowledgeable

Anticipate Questions & Problems

Add Empathy to Every Situation

Communicate Your Role in the Most Believable Manner

Having Customer Perspective

Employee Empowerment

Adding value and integrity to every interaction

Be Interested not Interesting

Avoid One Word Responses

Anticipate Customers’ needs

Service Recovery

And so much more

Customer Service Training refers to teaching employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction.