These are some of the companies we are proud to call our clients!
This is NOT a “Vegas” curriculum. In the past 10 years we have become the leading casino player development trainer and the sales development benchmark for the industry. Much more than consulting; Exclusive casino player development education and signature One-on-one training and coaching casino hosts and player development executives in their own environment, targeted specifically to the market and casino client’s behavior model in real time.


Nick Ippolito is the only casino trainer that:
  • Connects mentally and instinctively with the casino hosts
  • Owns a unique, one of a kind training program
  • Observes hosts making actual calls to players
  • Trains Casino Player Development in real time
  • Continues to modify and grow program
  • Has over 25 years’ experience in Casino Player Development
  • Has references and testimonials from actual casino hosts
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