Casino Host Sales

Casino Host Sales

Seminar includes a signature 5+ hour live presentation followed by exclusive ONE ON ONE training with each individual. The seminar contains valuable information on Casino Player Development and I encourage ALL to attend the live presentation: Casino Tables Games Staff, Casino Reward and Club Center, Casino Slot Department, PBX, Call Centers, and all Upper Management.

The One-on-One training I truly believe and have assessed from my own experience being a casino host and sitting in various trainings, that you cannot teach, motivate, nor develop casino hosts by using analytics and diagnostics. That is why after my seminar, I spend time with each host (time varies depending on hosts learning skills) as they make actual phone calls utilizing all the information from my presentation. The main focus of this is to ensure we experience real time casino telemarketing and are exposed to a numerous array of casino player development situations and inevitably, call backs and BOOKINGS. Immediate ROI. Every call is different and unique and with each, an opportunity to learn materializes.  We expand on the dynamics of CRM’s and PTS’s, players gaming history, Theo, game odds, and so much more.

“I really learned how to cut out all the fat that I use when I am on the phone with Casino Guests. Nick taught me how to be more confident with Casino Players and that it’s just a phone call and nothing to be scared of. In the One on One he coaches you on the things to say and NOT to say that benefit getting a guest back in! He taught me how to be my own person on the phone, but also to put techniques he taught us to use.” – Ashley Dellefave, Casino Host Del Lago Casino

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