Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Key services include; database marketing, system automation and player development tools. We have developed both marketing, player development and gaming analytics tailored to specific markets and size of operation. work in unison maximizing collective talent and expertise on jobs of this scope. Affording the client, the targeted experience and best practices from a team of professionals with years of front line experience, management and consultancy proficiency across a diverse field of gaming establishments.

We utilize a segmentation analysis which allows us to review the entire database in various fragments and sub segments. These include but are not limited to:

  • Age/Gender
  • Frequency
  • Geo Location and Distance
  • Game preference and play style (Tables, slots, avg. bet, etc.)

Having the experience of working with numerous properties and programs over the years allows us to mine the data of a casino/resort to look for those flags and issues that have been found previously (and in many cases are more common than realized). Most of the issues can be improved or resolved with process changes, internal controls, technology and staff training.


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