Hosts Shouldn’t Let Players Bully Them!

Telemarketing guests is a proven way to increase host production. Yielding immediate results with higher conversion rate than traditional direct mail campaigns. Add in all the cost associated with direct mail; postage, artwork, printing, labor, returns, etc. And you can immediately see why Telemarketing is the Answer.

Not only do I teach essential telemarketing sales skills but these techniques are automatically infused when managing a player’s reinvestment when issuing comps. Make no mistake that when a player asks, or even demands a comp, the sale begins at that moment. Today’s Casino Host needs to be ready to negotiate that sale before it gets the better of them!

Today’s casino host MUST be a salesman!

We teach the skills required not to be bullied by players demanding comps especially the ones that have low play and a negative ROI percentage.

It’s not No, it’s just… not Now!

The end result is higher call volumes, increased profitability and a strong foundation for Player Development which equates to a higher percentage of production from your casino marketing representatives. We cover what Player Development means at its true core. We will educate the casino marketing representatives on how to call, locate, evaluate, qualify and manage their database and prospecting gamers.

All together these professional, yet essential factors create a dramatic increase in productivity, call volume, higher conversion rates, and player reinvestment.

Put Your Hosts Through BOOT CAMP!


  • Capitalizing on Floor Opportunities
  • The Cut-In/The Sign Up
  • Comping Salesmanship
  • Protecting the Reinvestment
  • The VIP Experience
  • Productive Player Development
  • Time Management
  • Goals & Accountability

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