On May 17th 2015, Downstream Casino In Quapaw, Oklahoma Joined The List Of Casinos That Have Hired PDS To Execute Their Signature Sales Training Curriculum To Their Casino Marketing And Player Development Departments.

John Fernandez, Director of Casino Marketing & Casino Analysis for Downstream Casino, a seasoned casino executive with 30 plus years of experience, took the time to sit in the seminar with his staff and was immediately confident that hiring Nick Ippolito to provide his unique and signature sales training geared exclusively to enhance the casino host and player relationship was the right move.

“Nick did a great job training our host team on how to make effective calls and drive incremental visits to our property,” said Fernandez. “With his help our hosts filled up several events on our calendar. We look forward to having Nick back to further develop our relationship management and profitability.”

Ippolito formulated, designed and executes this uniquely branded curriculum (one-on-one training and seminars) in telemarketing casino guests and teaching hosts how to be a salesperson in better managing their database and encouraging profitable reinvestment. This curriculum is designed specifically to target and qualify casino guests and is completely host friendly.

Nick’s seminar is enthralling and dynamic. Never a dull moment, naturally entertaining Nick is funny, educated, personable and full of knowledge that will help your department gain a command of advanced Gaming Telemarketing & Sales skills.

The seminar is just the tip of the iceberg and the equally more valuable experience comes after the seminar. Nick spends time with each host individually and puts into practice all that he preaches. These are referred to as The One-on Ones and have historically led to immediate increases in bookings and play volume.

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