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What Was The Most Beneficial Aspect Of Nick Ippolito’s Casino Player Development Seminar?
  1. Control the conversation.
  2. Learning that telemarketing is not as scary as it seems and very much needed in a successful business.
  3. Being told what to say in situations while you have a guest live. I learned so many tips on what to say and what not to say when attempting to drive business.
  4. Stop being a telemarketer! You work at a Casino and are selling fun! Sound like it!
  5. Not be afraid to call guest because they are gamblers. Ways to get dormant guest back to Mystic.
  6. Learning that it is not necessary to leave a message or email with all of the details, and that it is more beneficial not to do so to get contacted back. Also different sales techniques such as not offering a full amount of free play in case they have a rebuttal.
  7. Nick was very engaging and interesting to listen to. There was not a boring moment and I left ready to try a few things I learned, and was excited to see better results than I have in the past.
  8. It was motivational
  9. Learning to control the conversation and leaving short “urgent” messages to get guests to call me back. I had always thought that we needed to include all the details in the messages we left.
  10. It relates to us as our job and he has walked in our shoes. He gave real life scenarios and situations that he had been through which made it easier to implement during the one on ones, as well as for future use.
  11. Having Nick “in my ear” while on the phone. He gave great retorts to the guest’s comments.
  12. Having someone available to coach step by step. It’s easy to forget some of the tips/tricks mentioned so having someone present to remind and encourage is helpful.
  13. Being confident that I can make productive calls and get results.
  14. Immediate feedback! Usually don’t get any.
  15. Get information from guest by asking questions. Keep the conversation going.
  16. I made 10 phone calls (9 messages), and had 2 guests call me back that night and 4-5 guests call me back the next day. It works!
  17. Good feedback and constructive criticism.
  18. Being able to put to use the things we learned in the seminar right away. It would have been better for me (personally) to have those few “key” slides available to me when in my one on one training to reference.
  19. He was there to ask questions since it was our first time using this new technique. Very helpful and positive.
  20. learning to stay relaxed

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