What was the most beneficial aspect of the Player Development Systems Seminar? 
1. How/what to say to make the guests be interested and coming back to play and stay in the casino. The concepts that were discussed. It was quite aggressive and we’ve
never seen anything like it, but aggressive is what we need right now.
2. Calling guest
3. How to talk to guest and bring them back to the casino
4. The method of searching telemarketing targets
5. The most beneficial aspect of the Seminar was learning the “do’s and don’ts” to say while on the phone. Learning to cut the conversation short and stay focus on the main reason for the call is also beneficial
6. Nick’s passion, knowledge and experience was evident during this seminar. I thought that “controlling the conversation” was a key aspect that he touched on.
7. Lot of illustrations and techniques are practical. Helping me to improve efficiency and staying in control of time in telemarketing and account management.

What was the most beneficial aspect of the One-on-One Training?
1. How to leave an important and interested 30 seconds voice mail to the guests in order to have them call back. If they don’t call back, I will call them back. When speaking to the guests on the phone, just targeting on the reasons why we calling them and make the conversation short.
2. The approach was very innovative and new to me, but after the One-on-One training, I felt a little better and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
3. Very impressive,
4. Being aggressive and straight to the point of bringing the guest back
5. Exchanging the experience each other
6. The most beneficial aspect of the One on One Training was being able to recognize my personal strengths and weaknesses.
7. The hands on advice of the live calls.
8. Building up of skills and confidence.

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