I have sent out many surveys to Casino Hosts all over the country. The results are dramatically consistent.
90% state their preferred target, of course, is players they know and players they have met. We know there is minimal growth on this segment as we are already capturing a good share of their gaming. I train your hosts to be aggressive with new and inactive business! This is the segment that real incremental growth can come from. 100% have expressed an eagerness to learn new tactics when making cold calls. This is the area they are, and all of us are, the most uncomfortable with. That means your faders have faded into inactivity and your inactives are now top tier with your competitor – This method of cold calling is really what my program is designed for.

89% answer that the purpose of telemarketing is to “offer”. I teach them to QUAILIFY each person and drive them to the property. It is imperative that they capture the full share of the gaming revenue of these players. Over 70% stated they make 10 to 20 calls a week. We will have them up to 25 outbound cold calls a day! What they dislike about telemarketing isn’t unique either. They all, 100%, give the #1 and #2 answers. After my seminar they will never think like that again. We all confuse driving business with retaining business. 90% of your staff feels being on the floor drives business. We know that this retains the business you already have. We need to refocus your group to spend more time on the phone! We need to train your group to leave better voice mails.

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