“All My Players LOVE Me!” I have been hearing this quite a bit lately, from casino hosts, as I travel from casino to casino all over the map. However, I’m not sure what it means exactly. Or how it relates to Player Development. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure every CEO, GM or VP wants their guests to “love” their hosts and all their employees. It is essential, after all, for hosts to have a solid relationship with the guests. Love is just too strong of a word. I don’t love my car salesperson, I don’t love my Orkin guy, I don’t love my CPA (sorry Rodney).

It’s in using this word that I get concerned that a casino host does not fully see themselves as a salesperson. And they do not understand their job is to drive incremental business, manage the database and protect the ROI. Optimistically I’m assuming the casino hosts means; My guests appreciate the service I extend to them. The VIP experience I show them. The way I present the sale to them.

The issue I have is how a casino host almost brags about their customer relation and customer service skills. I do not look at this skill as a primary qualification for a casino host. Everyone that applies for a job at a casino should and had better have these skills mastered and be ready and willing to offer these skills to all guests. As I often preach, Customer Service retains business, it doesn’t drive incremental revenue.

All your players would love me too, or Peter Scarpa or Al Deleon, if any of us took over your lists tomorrow. Why do they love you? Cause you “get along”?  They like your personality? Because you comp them what they deserve and maybe a bit that they don’t? Because you eat with them on a comp when they visit? Again, all important but that’s not love. And love implies loyalty. Please don’t fool yourself that your players “love” you. There is no loyalty in retail. As soon as the free stuff stops or the service goes sour, the love is over.

But if they do indeed “love” you and you have such a great relationship with them, then great, call them right now! Call them and drive an incremental trip. Create a trip. Ask them to make a trip for you? For your production this month.

Do you know what they do for a living? Do you know what their budget is for gaming? Please call your loved ones now and ask them if they gamble anywhere else? Or Do they have any referrals?

And the list goes on.

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