“…and I can hear it in the wind tonight, a call from an another side, telling me its time…”

In the past week I’ve had so much opportunity presented to me to execute call centers. Casino Marketing call centers.

I have had successful casino marketing call centers as far back as 1996. And I’ve always believed them, trusted them, put my reputation on the line for them and never had more passion for anything else. So for me, this is like a grandparent watching a grandchild grow up and be successful in the field they mastered and watching it finally come of age.

Every one of my players that I speak to declare that they do not open mail right away or at all even. And they get so much direct mail from everywhere, even places they haven’t been. And they state that most emails go into the spam folder or are ignored. I don’t know the truth to any of that as my players know I’m Mr. Telemarketing, but for me, I truly believe it. I do know that talking to a guest on the phone will yield more information so you can send the RIGHT direct mail and/or email blast in the future.

Call centers have immediate results. They “touch” the guests, they qualify the guests, they promote the brand, they get information about the competitor, and with a 10% conversation rate they book the guests. Incremental revenue. I swear that’s the tattoo I’m going to get if I ever get the nerve to get one : ) INCREMENTAL REVENUE. Not the same Joe & Mary that come every Wednesday and Saturday!!

My call centers always have achieved 10% plus in conversion rate on closing and booking. But it’s close to 100% conversion rate on speaking to guests. Speaking to guests that the property has most likely NEVER spoken too in any form. Speaking to guests that the property has NOT seen in 90 days to 5 years. And this to me has always been the most value a call center can bring. And the most value tool and teaching I can offer.

Qualifying guests, touching guests, listening to guests, getting referrals, managing the database, managing the bad contact information, recovering no numbers at all, these qualifications are invaluable.

Casino hosts can just do so much. Can just make so many calls. They have a pallet full of other duties. And aren’t the casino hosts focuses on top 10 or 20% of the business? So everyone else is NOT getting touched and NOT getting developed.

Set up the call center, select the RIGHT individuals for the job, train them properly, thoroughly dissect your database, set up your SOP’s so that once you’ve touched and booked these guests you don’t lose them again! START PICKING THE LOW HANGING FRUIT!

And, of course, call ME, I can do all this for you.

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