When selecting a Player Development consultant, you can be sure that the majority of professionals found on research do indeed excel in the scientific method of Player Development. Theoretically speaking of course.

I trust that any company ready to hire a Player Development consultant understands the importance of actual PD and casino property experience and values the individual that has hands-on and time in the field knowledge.

I wanted to be sure you were all familiar and had access to my resume, as I am proud to have been in Player Development for 25 years serving in every level (of PD) from slot host to Sr. VP. I have opened two properties where I had to build the Player Development & Casino Marketing departments from ground up and have worked with various casinos in finely tuning their existing or newly added PD team.

My exclusive, uniquely designed telemarketing training system often stands out, as it should, and sometimes shadows my stellar seasoned Player Development background.

Stating that my wheelhouse is strictly telemarketing is a ridiculous statement to make having reviewed my resume. I can proudly say I have done it all; working the casino floor, signing people up for a players card, managing the rewards center, implementing & executing promotions, making all level of comp decisions, dealing with all personality and disposition of guests and of course, driving incremental and new revenue to all types of properties in both big and small markets.

Remember when you select a PD professional who will coach and lead your team to success, you are infusing their character and substance into the very grain of your own Player Development culture.

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